Working Hours Recenzje App

Very basic, and has a few bugs

I saw recently that this app received an update and so decided to update my review. Some of the bugs I commented on below have been addressed, but others remain. The app is much more functional now, and the basic functions that it was designed for seem to work pretty well. I haven’t given it an in-depth test, but it now appears to at least graph your relative time expendatures on various jobs or tasks appropriately. Unfortunately new bugs were introduced as well. Every time you enter a new work unit, for example, it defaults back to listing all of the jobs you have ever entered into its database. This can be quite jarring if you have data going back more than a week. It also looks like the developer tried to institute new features. Bizarrely enough (and completely unnecessarially) it now has a toolbar icon at the top of the screen which is there whether the program is running or not. No useful data is displayed there, although if you click it it attempts to show you a clock of your currently running task. This is unfortunately bugged, with the clock itself not working and it only showing a placeholder tag (in German none the less) for an employer tag that isn’t being displayed properly. Again, if this were a free or budget priced app it would probably be worth dealing with the rough edges for those in need of a basic piece of timekeeping software. At the $5 price point, however, this still feels like a half-developed beta rather than a polished final product. The fact that it took three months to reach even this level of utility is doubly troubling. VERSION 1.1.1: The app is OK and it does a half decent job of tracking hours worked across multiple projects. That said it is exceedingly simple. The statistics that if offers are very basic, limited to only the raw number of hours worked and pre-tax pay. It’s mostly good for tracking the time devoted to multiple different contracts if you’re independently employed, or tracking multiple projects if you need to keep track of how much time you are devoting to various aspects of your work day. There are also a few curious bugs. The bar graph for the current month (october) for example refuses to display more than 4 hours worked, which leads to the data it represents being fairly worthless. As the entire purpose of this kind of program is to provide you with a visual breakdown of time usage at a glance this is a pretty big issue. On the whole I don’t think it’s worth what is being charged. If it were free, then sure, or if it only cost $.99 then my expectations would be lower. As it stands it’s overpriced for what feels like something thrown together by a programming student in an afternoon.

Not bad, but...

Not what I expected. You cant enter your tips. And it would be easier if calendar would pop up when I click the date to enter my shift. Also needs to show more interesting statistics.

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